Finding a Little Bit of Calm

Mom is wearing those navy blue clothes again, and leaving with that rolling box.  Initially, she was happy going back to work as she said the “loads were light”, but things are different now, she seems really tired.  When she gets home we are so happy to see her, even THE cat is happy.  Mom seems to rest more now since things changed.  She calls it “self care”.  I call it snuggle-on-the couch time!  I get lots of tummy rubs and ear scratches.  The next day she is sitting cross-legged on her table with her eyes closed sometimes with music, sometimes just quiet.  All I know is that she is happier and lighter when she has that table time.  Her smile is bright again and when she throws the ball for me, it goes straight and just right so I can catch it on that first bounce.  It’s funny how THE cat will not sleep with mom that first night home.  THE cat says that mom’s energy is all whacked out and she (THE cat) wants nothing to do with mom.  Cats are just too sensitive! But all settles down after Mom has her sit on the table time and The cat likes her again.  Mom says that she loves the calm in our home that opens her heart.  I just know that people and my furry friends like coming here because it is a “little bit of calm” in a noisy world.  That is what my mom does, provides calm for people and pets to wag their tails again.  We had a pack of people here last month where they practiced creating calm in each other’s bodies.  Mom does that for me often and it is better than running on the beach.  Well, almost.  All I know is that mom is happier and healthy after creating the peaceful haven in our home.  It is what she calls a “healing refuge” and her 2 legged friends comment about it.  Of course, us 4 leggers are smarter and know a good thing.  Doggy treats help!  If I came to your home how would I feel there?  Is it relaxing or does it feel all mixed up?  Well, it’s our nap time and that means dinner is soon!  So if you come visit, bring some good kibble and a smile to add to our happy home.

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Marilyn Stulb