There are books and podcasts and millions of people more than willing to tell you how to do things...and then in the midst of the noise....there is a quiet, gifted, gentle hands of an angel who comes to you just at the right time to envelope you in peace...Marilyn is just such an angel who showed up at a Critical Incident Team conference with her group of highly skilled therapists to give service. Her devotion to her work is palpable through her fingers. Healing Touch is more than a massage .. it’s a spiritual journey. Personally, touch therapy for me, is the pathway to my heart! Seeing her in Charlotte was always a joy. Working remotely was helpful as well. Marilyn also enjoys leading guided meditations and flight attendants have told me often how helpful she has been in helping them to stay centered especially as they navigated through the pandemic.
It is my great pleasure to be supportive of Marilyn, whose support I have personally experienced. I recommend her highly.
Ellyn KravetteMSW, LSW, CEAP
As a career flight attendant, I was a high time flyer averaging 100 hours per month (or more), so you can imagine the stress and exhaustion in my life! I began seeing Marilyn in hopes of restoring balance and to address the aches and pains associated which such a schedule. Marilyn’s HT approach was to educate and replenish while encouraging positive energy, and complimenting my need for a return to balance. Following my first sessions unfortunately I was injured in an accident. Although physical therapy played a large part in my recuperating, it was during that time of healing that I discovered that the benefits of HT included reducing anxiety, bringing calm allowing my physical body to rebuild. The mental focus that I have been able to gain has increased my overall energy. Marilyn’s ability to “quiet the noise” to pinpoint and target my areas of need was mind blowing! She is truly gifted, and I am fortunate to have discovered the benefits of her treatments!
Dei MercerRetired American Airlines Flight Attendant
Marilyn is a wonderful resource for Flight Attendants and Critical Incident Response Teams (CIRT). She has generously shared with our team her wisdom and the importance of self-care while we work as Flight Attendants. Understanding how Covid 19 turned the airline world upside down Marilyn graciously provided regular meditation sessions for Flight Attendants. Marilyn possesses a wealth of knowledge on how the human body works, the need for quality self-care in a stressful work place like the airlines and how to self-regulate using simple but effective tools to maintain health and well-being. Her calm demeanor and compassion makes her easy to relate to and creates a safe, comfortable space to be in. Whether you take one of Marilyn’s self-care packages, order her essential oils or have a consultation on self-care specific to your unique needs, you won’t regret using Marilyn as a guide to better health.
Patty French, MA, LCPC, CADC, DEAP