Something is Different…

Something happened and I don’t understand, but it’s cool having mom home all the time.  But, she isn’t as happy and we’re not going out as much,….so something is different.  I don’t smell that smell she’s had when she’d come home.  You know, a mixture of coffee, food, sometimes tomato juice plus, unidentifiable things which didn’t always smell good.  I’ve also noticed the outside noises are different, quieter.  It’s been quieter for awhile now…calmer?  I see mom sitting in her special room with her crystals and those odorific little bottles she calls essential oil with her eyes closed as if she’s visualizing a beautiful room full of treats.  She is smiling at the end and seems…calmer.  She speaks of missing her “airplanes” and “flying buddies”, and pauses outside when one of those big silver birds flies overhead.  She seems to really like those birds and it makes her happy to see them.  For a while we had no visitors, but now we have a few who go up in that special room and come down very relaxed and happy.  Mom calls it Healing Touch.  I just know it seems to bring peace to her people, and they seem to glow as they leave.  I do think they should bring me treats as they thank mom because I didn’t bark at the FedEx truck this time!  As they leave mom reminds them, “It’s all temporary, and we will get through this time, just like 9/11.”  With a little smile she reminds them how we all felt and wondered about life after that day.  I’m not sure if that means she will return to leaving me like she did and return with those smells, but I do know that we are resilient and resourceful.  (And I’m just a dog, but a very special dog.)  I am here for her and for you.  Mom says I’m very heart-centered and smart.  So tonight I’ll do my version of the “Twilight Bark” (yes, I love that Dalmatian movie) and send out love to you all and Just Know that everything Will Be Okay.  Doggy hugs and wet kisses to all.

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Marilyn Stulb