I am a People Pleaser, and I am a Dog. W

Yep, that’s me….always happy, anticipating your needs and meeting them. Some people say I’d make a good flight attendant, but hey, I’m a dog. Think about that fact….I am a dog. Granted I do have feelings, but I am a dog.

Are you are a person who’s exhausted all the time, but everyone loves you because you make things happen, you do it all. You are also a people pleaser. It is a trait of many flight attendants, which is why we are so great at our jobs.

If you google people pleaser you’ll see it….
– pushes aside your needs for others
– expects to mold yourself to other’s needs
– is never able to reach your potential as you are imprisoned by other’s expectations
– has limited or no boundaries
– limits self care (love)
– measures yourself by how much you do for others

So there is a difference about being a happy dog versus a people pleasing person. A person can change.

It’s a practice, setting new habits, it is self care to the fullest. It is becoming happy and renewed, enjoying life….having a life. Start with Self Care, honoring when you’re tired and figure out what inspires YOU, makes YOU happy. Mom can help. She’s been there and struggled through it, but is coming out with sunshine. and breathing.

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Marilyn Stulb