Alfie's Corner

  • Alfie’s Corner

    Hi, I’m Alfie, Marilyn’s trusty doggie companion. I’ve learned a lot from listening to Marilyn over the years, and here are some random thoughts that you might find helpful or amusing…

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  • Something is Different…

    Something happened and I don’t understand, but it’s cool having mom home all the time.  But, she isn’t as happy and we’re not going out as much,….so something is different.  I don’t smell that smell she’s had when she’d come home.  You know, a mixture of coffee, food, sometimes tomato…

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  • I am a People Pleaser, and I am a Dog. W

    Yep, that’s me….always happy, anticipating your needs and meeting them. Some people say I’d make a good flight attendant, but hey, I’m a dog. Think about that fact….I am a dog. Granted I do have feelings, but I am a dog. Are you are a person who’s exhausted all the…

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  • It’s That Cat Again

    I enjoy being a dog, a happy, energized dog. I am here to make people happy, to be there for them whenever they need me and for unconditional love. I have all the qualities of an ascended master, right? All except one of being in charge of my life. My…

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  • Playing Catch

    Today I was playing catch with my person, Marilyn. She makes funny faces when I run faster than she can throw my ball, but it’s always fun! Sometimes it gets thrown into the neighbor’s yard, which is off limits for me. So I just wag my tail, look my my…

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