Playing Catch

Today I was playing catch with my person, Marilyn. She makes funny faces when I run faster than she can throw my ball, but it’s always fun! Sometimes it gets thrown into the neighbor’s yard, which is off limits for me. So I just wag my tail, look my my person and hope that she’ll go get my ball. Today she walked over and retrieved it and threw it back for me to catch. I have learned if I just wag, wag my happy tail and remain happy that she’ll get it. If not, well, there is always another tennis ball somewhere for me. So I just shake it off, and look for the next ball which is always cleaner than the one that I have enjoyed sliming. So….keep wagging your tail and just know that if you lose your ball, there’s a better one our there just waiting. In dog life it is that simple.

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Marilyn Stulb