It’s That Cat Again

I enjoy being a dog, a happy, energized dog. I am here to make people happy, to be there for them whenever they need me and for unconditional love. I have all the qualities of an ascended master, right? All except one of being in charge of my life. My life’s decisions are all dependent on my master which works for me, the dog. It’s the way I was made and raised by those around me, and since they are the only people I hang out with in life, it works. That is until I am around…the cat.

The cat does whatever she wants, when she wants, where she wants. It seems that all cats are like her from looking around the neighborhood. I have to be on a leash, and they just walk right in front of me like they own the street. I wonder if they are as happy as I am? I hear that funny noise she makes when my person rubs her head, like a small motor. She looks really happy then, but the rest of time is she happy? I honestly think so as she naps constantly. But I am the one with the constant wagging tail, so who is happier and does it matter?
My first thought is that I certainly don’t want to be a cat because it looks boring. No swimming, running full throttle with no idea what’s ahead of you or approaching strangers to say hi. So even if the cat seems to be in charge, dogs have more fun at least from a dog’s point of view.  Perhaps we are both who we are suppose to be in this world, and are both happy being us. I certainly don’t think the cat wants to be dog! So the bottom line is find out who you are naturally and follow your rules.  Not the cat’s rules, but your rules. As for figuring out your rules, well, that’s for another day!

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Marilyn Stulb