• Finding a Little Bit of Calm

    Mom is wearing those navy blue clothes again, and leaving with that rolling box.  Initially, she was happy going back to work as she said the “loads were light”, but things are different now, she seems really tired.  When she gets home we are so happy to see her, even…

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  • Something is Different…

    Something happened and I don’t understand, but it’s cool having mom home all the time.  But, she isn’t as happy and we’re not going out as much,….so something is different.  I don’t smell that smell she’s had when she’d come home.  You know, a mixture of coffee, food, sometimes tomato…

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  • I am a People Pleaser, and I am a Dog. W

    Yep, that’s me….always happy, anticipating your needs and meeting them. Some people say I’d make a good flight attendant, but hey, I’m a dog. Think about that fact….I am a dog. Granted I do have feelings, but I am a dog. Are you are a person who’s exhausted all the…

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  • It’s That Cat Again

    I enjoy being a dog, a happy, energized dog. I am here to make people happy, to be there for them whenever they need me and for unconditional love. I have all the qualities of an ascended master, right? All except one of being in charge of my life. My…

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  • Playing Catch

    Today I was playing catch with my person, Marilyn. She makes funny faces when I run faster than she can throw my ball, but it’s always fun! Sometimes it gets thrown into the neighbor’s yard, which is off limits for me. So I just wag my tail, look my my…

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  • Alfie’s Corner

    Hi, I’m Alfie, Marilyn’s trusty doggie companion. I’ve learned a lot from listening to Marilyn over the years, and here are some random thoughts that you might find helpful or amusing…

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